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Babies don't keep.


You have heard it before, but now you are seeing it unfold before your eyes. Your once newborn now looks completely different and growing nearly overnight. DON'T MISS THIS. Actually, you WILL miss this, but you don't have to forget this time. 

Let me press the pause button for you.

In addition to Newborn and Cake Smash sessions let me document the growth in between:

Tummy Time Sessions
Tummy Time Sessions are scheduled for when baby is 4 months old. On their tummy lifting that head up, on their backs with big smiles grabbing at their toes, rolling over, these sessions are too adorable for words!


Sitter Sessions
Sitter Sessions usually take place when baby is 7-8 months old when your baby is sitting completely independently without help from mom or a pillow to stay upright. They are clapping, crawling or scooting around, and start to "talk" with new sounds.

The way your baby smiles, the things that make them laugh. The way they wiggle on their tummies and grab their toes while on their back. The way they wobble when trying to sit up, and how funny they think it is when you play peek-a-boo with them. Let me document it all. Mark turning points in your child's development with Milestone photo sessions by The Newborn Artisan. These photo sessions document the moments that slip by too quickly. Tummy Time, Sitter Session, and of course, the big ONE! 

Ready to book, or have more questions? Click the pink box below, I'm here to help.

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