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Milestone Session - Wesley, Sitter Session

Milestones are such exciting moments to capture especially when it is their Milestone Session. These turning points can be even cutting their first teeth or crawling for the first time. Your child’s development is so precious and capturing these moments allows you the chance to document their milestones with the confidence that it is taken care of and everything you expect.

Mark turning points in your child's development including their Sitter Session with photo sessions by The Newborn Artist.

Milestone sessions are one of my favorites to photograph. Their sweet little personalities are shining through more and they are starting to want to express it outwardly. During each milestone session, you will also start to notice that they are focusing on the camera more. This is where all the little smirks and beaming smiles start to come through more.

We are always happy to provide ideas and access to props within our comfortable studio.

Milestones within their first year can look like some of the following.

  • Newborn: Squishy newborn face with all the big yawns and smooshing their cheeks together with their hands.

  • 1 Month: Their focused gaze as they take in the big world around them.

  • 2 Months: Their details such as their grip and learning how to control their precious little hands and feet.

  • 3 Months: Less of the gassy grins and truer in the moment smile.

  • 4 Months: Tummy time!

  • 5 Months: Trying to grab or nibble on their toes.

  • 7-8 Months: From tummy time to sitting up. These moments happen in the blink of an eye.

These are just a few you will start to notice as your little one learns new developments.

It is so easy to let these special moments in your family slip by with busy schedules and documenting can sometimes be the last thing on your to-do list when you are in the moment living out these moments.

That is where our skilled and experienced photographer can take that off your plate and document them for you while giving you another moment to watch in awe as your little one grows. Wesley was starting to sit up on his own. He was noticeably confident and curious at 6.5 months old. The new milestones he had was blowing bubbles and grabbing at his feet. The big smiles and bright-eyed gazes could not be stopped. Mom said that what has been currently been making him smile and laugh is Dad.

Are you interested in finding out more about our milestone photo sessions? Inquire with us and let us document your child’s milestones as they happen.


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