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Cake Smash Photographer – Augustus First Birthday

Getting to be a Cake Smash Photographer is such an honor. But it is not just cake smashes. It is all the milestones your little one has from birth to their first birthday. This little guy is no stranger here at The Newborn Artist Studio. Augustus has been coming back to me to document his milestones throughout his whole first year of life. What an absolute honor it has been watching this little one grows up right in front of my camera.

Yes, I am your go-to Cake Smash Photographer. But I am also your go-to when it comes to documenting each of your child’s milestones. From Newborn to Tummy Time. Then Sitter to Cake Smash. Documenting your child’s first year of life is so precious and every family deserves to have these moments to cherish for a lifetime.

Augustus has documented each one of his milestones with me. He has been in the studio for his Newborn session, tummy time milestone, and his sitter milestone. So, I was so excited for him to come back for his first birthday cake smash! Not only is he a pro baby here at The Newborn Artist but he is also a pro when it comes to having a full head of hair. He has had it all since birth and it's amazing!

It should not just be your baby that is comfortable in the studio. I want mom and dad to feel just as relaxed when they are here too. The connection I get to have with my families is so special. This is not just a photo studio; it is a second home.

Mom is really into cloth diapering. This is fun because I use to with my second born as well. We got to talk about all the highs and lows of cloth diapering during his session. As well as all the cute patterns there are and yes even how much of a pain it can be at times. It has been so fun getting to see the different cloth diapers she has chosen for each session. I love getting to see all her favorites. Obviously, for his cake smash, there had to be a fun birthday cloth diaper.

Accessories can add a little fun to a cake smash session. For Augustus, she brought not only the cutest birthday cloth diaper but also a little bowtie and suspenders too. Documenting even the smallest of details can make all the difference.

Being a cake smash photographer means I have seen it all. Your baby will either hate it or love it. They are either all in and committed ready to go for it or they will not want to touch it, thinking what is weird texture? I always let parents know before a session that it is a love or hate thing. This helps to set the expectations before starting so you are not surprised. Augustus decided to lean forward and eat it with just his face. It was so hilarious and adorable. I do not think I have had a baby do that before in the studio. So, we all just got the biggest kick out of it. You never know what you will get so this was amazing!

After your baby gets to make a mess, we always have a small bath ready to go not only for cute images but also to help clean up before you head home.

He super enjoyed his little bath after. He made the cutest faces. I told mom it looked like he had made a Zoolander face at one point. It was awesome. He had great faces and a great smile. It was so fun getting to watch him grow up in front of my camera. Getting to document him for a whole year. These moments are so special when a mother trusts me to keep getting these precious milestones. It was so special getting to see him for a whole year. I am forever thankful for this career and each baby that I get to document.

Whether you are wanting to start documenting your baby’s milestones at newborn or at cake smash we can do it all here at The Newborn Artist. Send us a message and let us capture these precious moments in your family’s life to look back on and display beautifully in your home.


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