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Meet the Newborn : Lincoln | Fort Worth , Texas

Meet Lincoln!

Me: What is Lincoln’s full name and what were his newborn stats? How much did he weigh, and how long was he? Mom: Lincoln Drew Cardenas. He weighed 8 pounds 11ozs and was 21 inches long. He was born on July 20, 2020, at 8:30 in the morning. Me: How did you decide on what to name him? Mom: We had a hard time agreeing on boy names, but both loved the middle name Drew. Finally, we decided on Lincoln and it fits him perfectly! Me: You both chose well! Did you have any certain cravings while pregnant? Mom: Fruit, snow cones, ice, and water ( July is HOT 🔥) Me: Does Lincoln have any siblings? If so, what do they think about him? Mom: Kennedy has wanted a brother for as long as I can remember. She wanted Avery to be a boy! Avery and Kennedy are obsessed with their little brother and want to hold him and feed him all the time!

Me: Is there anything else super special that you want others to know or don't want to forget? Mom: This little guy was definitely a huge surprise, but we are so in love and now our family is complete!! Cardenas party of five!💙

I designed Lincoln's newborn photography session around teals and tans, although I am confident this baby boy would have looked fantastic in any color I chose from my studio collection. His family is big baseball fans, and so mama also brought in a baseball glove and a little Texas Rangers Baseball outfit. Being a huge baseball fan myself, I was delighted to incorporate them into his newborn session. The entire time he was in the Sweet Magnolia studio I was swooning over his squeezable cheeks and adorable back rolls. Lincoln was the calmest and peaceful newborn I have had in a while. He barely made a peep when I would transition him from one pose to the next, and then in the middle of his session, he gave me the biggest smile!

Fun fact: Lincoln's mom and my mom worked across the hall from each other for about five years at Luella Merrit Elementary School in Ft. Worth, Texas. Lincoln's mom had her first baby Kennedy right around the same time that I was having my first baby Hendrix, so she and my mom would swap baby stories. Although I did not get to meet this little guy's big sisters, I heard that they are over the moon in love with their baby brother.

Feast your eyes on Mr. Lincoln's newborn images:

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