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Meet the Newborn : Maggie | Ft. Worth , Texas

Sweet Maggie's big sister came to see me as a newborn as well. When families trust me with not one, but two (or three!) of their most precious babies, my heart soars.

Meet Maggie!

Me: What is Maggie's full name and what were her newborn stats?

Mom: Margaret Jane Jones. She weighed 6 pounds 14 ounces, was 19 inches long, and was born August 21 at 11:44am.

Me: Does Maggie have any siblings? If so, what do they think about her?

Mom: Natalie loves “baby Mags” and is such a great big sister and helper!

Me: How did you decide on what to name her?

Mom: Margaret means pearl (signifies great worth also why big sis was wearing moms wedding pearls for the pictures) and Jane means God is gracious.

Me: I love that big sister was wearing your wedding pearls, what a special touch! Did you have any certain cravings while pregnant?

Mom: The last month of pregnancy, I would have ditched every other type of food and drink just get a Dr. Pepper. It’s all I could think about. 😂 Once again Maggie's momma brought in two extra special handmade blankets and quilts. What a gift to be able to incorporate into her newborn images. Big sister Natalie also had special quilts in her newborn images. I loved how delightful and gentle big sister Natalie was with baby Maggie, giving her kisses and hugs and cuddles. She was amazing and such a fabulous big sister which makes my job photographing a newborn and a preschooler together at the same time a bit easier! Enjoy these images of such a sweet newborn baby girl!

Living close by in the area, this incredible family did not have far to drive to my Fort Worth studio. This sweet love slept almost her entire session, and barely made a peep. Newborn baby features change so quickly as they grow over these first few weeks and months. This is why I love to make sure we capture these tiny new details of the baby at their studio photography session. This baby girl had the sweetest features, the most serene personality, and looked gorgeous in every set up we did.

I cannot tell you how very special this family is to me. They are the biggest world-changers, people lovers, and peacemakers in Fort Worth. They love well, they care big, and they are raising their newborn baby and preschooler to follow in their footsteps.

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