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Meet the Newborn : Vance | Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Newborn Session

Vance was by far the sleepiest, most peaceful baby that I have had in my Newborn Studio in 2020. He was a trooper for the car ride to Fort Worth, and proceeded to be super chill. His parents are so very enjoyable, and his birth story is astounding!

Me: What is baby Vance’s full name and what were his newborn stats?

Mom: Vance Bauer Garza, he was 6lbs 15oz 20in, born Feb 21 12:33am, 3 weeks early!

Me: How did you decide on what to name him?

Mom: My husband and my wedding song is by a musician named Vance Joy. Music is an important part of our relationship, so we decided to name him after our special song “Mess is Mine”

Me: Oh that is so very special, what a great way to choose a baby name! Did you have any certain cravings while pregnant?

Mom: Chocolate and sweets!

Me: How many siblings does Baby Vance have? How do they feel about having a newborn in the house?

Mom: He has a 19 month old sister, 6 year old sister, 10 year old brother. Youngest sister still getting used to brother, but the older kiddos think he is too cute and little!

Me: Is there anything else about your sweet baby boy you want to mention?

Mom: He was delivered in our home and his daddy caught him right before our sweet midwife Mollie got here!

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