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Newborn Family Photos – Will Newborn Session

Newborn family photos always have a special place in my heart. But this family is very dear to me. I have had the opportunity to photograph all 3 of their children’s newborn sessions. My husband and Blake their father used to work together so our families have been friends for a while. This family truly does it all and I am so excited to be able to share another beautiful session with them.

Get ready to fall in love with this beautiful family and their newborn family photos. Keep scrolling to read more about their festival they put on every year to raise awareness for down syndrome and to see the sweetness between these siblings during their newborn session.

Heather and Blake are the sweetest parents. And big sister Helen and little sister Ruthie are just as sweet. They were precious. Especially with how sweet the sisters are with each other and their new little brother Will. There is so much love between this family of 5. Now keep in mind with newborn family photos you always must have patience. Little ones want to be little ones and run around. Which is absolutely age-appropriate. Even with all the excitement they still wanted to give their baby brother little kisses.

Every parent knows that little ones have endless energy and just want to be up and always running. So, when it comes to newborn family photos it is important to encourage the excitement to interact with each other and always just have some fun as a family.

Helen their firstborn was born with down syndrome. They did not find out until she was born. “We can honestly say that we didn’t have many expectations before she was born because we didn’t know if she was a boy or girl, and we really thought she was a boy.” Shortly after their precious daughter was brought into the world, they started the Extra Chromie Club. They wanted a way to financially support more down syndrome programs out there and raise awareness for those with down syndrome as well as their families.

“We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here. We want to financially support the already amazing Down syndrome organizations. We want our daughter, her peers, and their families to feel supported, loved, and to know to belong. Ultimately, we want to celebrate people with Down syndrome, their abilities, and rewrite society’s view of our daughter and her friends.”

Every year they put on an event called the Extra Chromie Fest. Extra Chromie Fest is a one-of-a-kind festival where the feature vendors are businesses ran by, employ or support individuals with Down syndrome. There is live music, food, interactive games for children, and vendors all over. By doing this they not only support each of the businesses but get the opportunity to spread awareness throughout the community.

“We’ve been so lucky to meet families who have believed in the abilities of their kids with Down syndrome and helped them achieve major life goals. We aren’t sure what Helen is going to grow up and do, but we do know that she and her friends are fierce and they’re more alike than different, so we’ll encourage and push them to reach their goals and shout their worth from the rooftops.”- Heather.

Want to learn more about the Extra Chromie Club? You can go to their website to find out more ways to support and follow along on their journey. If you are looking for more inspiration while planning your own newborn family photos you can find more amazing family sessions just like this one on the blog.


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