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Rainbow Baby – Nolan, Newborn Session

After a difficult journey, this rainbow baby brought much hope and healing after a tough year. When mom reached out to me, I knew that this session was going to pull on my heartstrings.

“This little blessing was a Godsend when we had given up on trying for a baby after

the 4th miscarriage we had in January.” Mom said about her sweet rainbow baby.

To be given the opportunity to be a part of their story was an honor. And to capture the beauty in this miracle of life that is Nolan truly was a moment I will cherish forever. I also knew that I wanted to express their story through the newborn images as well.

I collaborated with The Rainbow Co. who hand made Nolan and his family a macrame' rainbow.

Something so little can be so impactful. Every moment, journey and memory are important to me to express through your photos. You deserve to have beautiful art in your home that expresses every beautiful moment of your life. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, these are the ways we get to stop time and go back to the moments that gave us joy and hope.

“Crazy now to think we started this year with a loss of a child and ended it with a healthy boy in our arms.”

Nolan was such a precious little guy. During the session, he was so sweet and sleepy. Every once in a while we would get a little smirk from him. The macrame rainbow was such a beautiful touch. It blended so beautifully with the soft creamy tones and brought color to simpler tones such as white. From there we were able to bring out some of the other colors to pull together blues in the wraps. The different sizes that The Rainbow Co. made and provided really allowed for us to create different styles. He was so tiny next to the large macrame reminding us how precious these moments are when they are so small.

Behind the newborn's name and cravings while pregnant.

“The name Nolan was from a tv show I liked, and Joseph is my husband, Blake’s, middle name.”

“Sweet tea and Logan’s Roadhouse cheesecake.”

Whether you are telling the story of your rainbow baby, capturing sweet moments with siblings, or wanting to document these precious newborn moments I want to help you capture each one. Not only that but help you share your story throughout your home and with your loved ones.


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