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Stars Nursery Inspired Newborn Session – Elliot

There are so many special moments when planning a newborn session that I make a point to include. Elliot’s newborn session is the perfect example of how to personalize your newborn photos. From the backdrop selection to match his Stars Nursery to the navy blanket, each is so special when it comes to capturing your little bundle of joy.

For this newborn session, we were inspired by their Stars Nursery. I knew I wanted to incorporate pieces of his nursery to allow for more gorgeous art to be displayed at home. If you are looking for more inspiration when it comes to personalizing newborn photos you are in the right place.

Elliot had his mom and dad in the studio with him. As well as his two sisters Nora 6 and Lily 4. Mom said, “Both girls absolutely love him. Lily is smitten with Elliot and cannot stay away from him.” I have said it once and I will likely say a million more times how much I adore watching the siblings interact with their new brother or sister. These are such sweet moments to hold onto as they grow together.

“Elliot is a great reminder that good things DID happen in 2020.” -Megan, Elliot’s mom.

She continues to say “All of our babies are miracles in their own way, and Elliot is no exception. After a very tough 2019, we were so thrilled to get pregnant and deliver in 2020.” When they reached out to book their session, they mentioned that the Nursery was cream and navy colors. As well as Stars and Planets. I immediately when heard that remembering a backdrop I had seen and had to get it. It sold out quickly and was not available to purchase from the website directly. But I knew I had to have it. So, I went looking and asking if anyone was willing to sell and part ways with theirs. And I was able to get it!

I was excited to get my hands on the gorgeous clouds, stars, and moon backdrop. I knew it would go with his Stars Nursery theme and I wanted them to have the opportunity to display their images beautifully with his nursery theme.

Momma wanted the white wood floor. I always let them choose between white wood or dark wood floor. They brought with them a navy blanket that was specially made for him. If there is something unique and special, we always encourage you to bring it along to document. We will always make sure to incorporate it into the session. They also brought a sign that said, “and then there were 3.” Mom and dad received the sign when they had Nora. They knew they wanted to incorporate it again as they went from husband, wife, and baby to now 3 children.

Elliot was sleepy and sweet for his session. Towards the end, he woke up with a precious intense stare.

He made eye contact with me. It does not happen all the time. A baby can see from the breast to the eyes. That is the range of their site at that age. So, the fact that I was further away from him and he was able to focus on me. Allowed me to get that image and it was such a cool moment.

We also took a moment to add a few white pumpkins as well as a little Christmas hat. I love being able to add these little touches around the holidays for families to share their sweet little ones. Keeping it classic and simple yet endlessly adorable. They later sent me a birth announcement/Christmas card using his images. They wrote the sweetest note on the back saying “Thank you, Cassie. We are forever grateful!” It was really special to receive.

If you are looking for more ways to incorporate little details into your session make sure to visit this Rainbow Baby blog on more ways how to. Ready to book your newborn session? Enquire with us and let us start planning your session at The Newborn Artist Studio.


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