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Cake Smash: Baby Coco and Sweet Somethings | Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Lately, I have been collaborating with local businesses in Fort Worth and Dallas for my newborn, milestone, and cake smash photography sessions. Some of them I already know, some I am just meeting and working with for the first time. My cake smash sessions are typically arranged with a traditional cake, but I thought, hey, why not venture out a little? Simone from Sweet Somethings was my very first thought. Simone makes the most delectable bundt cakes that have ever and will ever exist. Moist (sorry to those who hate that word) does not even begin to properly describe her cakes. While I'm sure every flavor is amazing, Cabin Fever is hands down, forks up, my all-time favorite. Her website describes it as "classic chocolate cake topped with creamy marshmallow frosting and crumbled graham crackers", I describe it as a party in my mouth. It also means I have to keep going to the gym, but hey, the payoff is definitely worth it. If you are looking for bundt cakes in Ft. Worth, do yourself a favor and go order from Sweet Somethings.

Miss Coco was the beauty lucky enough to get to eat the bundt cake for this session. I asked her mama some questions to get to know her a little better.

Me: What is this sweet baby's full name?

Mom: Colleen Cole Cropper (they call her Coco for short, which has me in a puddle because I think that is just about the cutest nickname you could give a baby)

Me: What are Miss Coco's newest milestones?

Mom: She is now standing unassisted.

Me: What makes her smile or laugh?

Mom: Her big brother, music, tickles, and food!

Me: Food makes me smile too ;) What is Coco's favorite food at the moment?

Mom: Mac and cheese

Me: Does she have any first words yet?

Mom: Mama, Dads, Uh Oh Me: Haha, oh yes, they hear uh-oh a lot at this age don't they? Does she have a favorite toy?

Mom: Her ball.

Miss Coco was a DREAM and, as you will see below, she THOROUGHLY enjoyed her bundt cake smash session!

This may or may not be the same way I eat my bundt cake from Sweet Somethings. Okay, just kidding, I use a fork. But look at that baby go!

Just when we thought she was finished with her cake, she cannot resist going for it one more time.

I cannot get over this little one year old's foot propped up on the bathtub. It was difficult to get this image while laughing!

The one year birthday is such a huge milestone. Don't miss this. Schedule the photography session. These images will absolutely be worth it!

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