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Newborn Photography - Caleb, Newborn Session

What is sweeter than Newborn Photography? The little smirks and smiles from the newborn when mom and dad get in the photos too. These are precious moments and melt your heart. Newborn photography is such a wonderful experience for the parents to be involved when documenting their new little one coming into the world.

The Newborn Artist provides stunning newborn photography and peaceful rest to parents of newborns. You relax, while I delight in working with your sweet baby.

Your session will take place in the comfort of my in-home studio. I want to provide you with a safe space to bring your newborn where you can relax in knowing these precious moments are being documented exactly to your vision. Your newborn will also feel safe and warm bundled up in our large selection of wraps.

You will have access to The Newborn Artist’s carefully selected buckets, bowls, beds, wraps, and tiebacks. Together, we will choose the perfect combinations.

For Caleb’s session, we hand-selected navy-blue tones and soft earthy greens to accent off gorgeous tones of the buckets and the parent’s outfits. Caleb’s gaze and wide eyes were filled with curiosity and joy throughout the whole session.

Not only will you document precious moments to hang in your home you also can rest outside of your home while we take care of the documenting. It truly is the best of both worlds.

I met Caleb’s parents at my home church. Whenever I was able to assist our little cubicles were all together. When they reached out to do Caleb’s newborn session, I was so excited to capture this near and dear to my heart family’s moments. These two parents are so full of so much peace, joy, and unconditional love. Every time Caleb smiled; I think it is because he felt that too. He really was so smiley and full of cute little faces. He has his parent’s sense of humor. Such a sweet family. Caleb is also a rainbow baby. When they messaged me, they said “We are so happy to be his parents.” That is just another reason why I love being able to capture these heartfelt significant moments in their lives. The moments of pure love and gleaming excitement in the parent’s eyes.

Ready to inquire about a Newborn Session or have questions about the Studio? Send us a message and we will help you document your precious moments.


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