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Pie Smash with Shelby and Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop | Fort Worth, Texas

While continuing to search out and make connections with fellow Fort Worth businesses, I came across Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop Fort Worth. Their pies come highly recommended from others in the community and I thought it would be another great spin on a Cake Smash Session. The hardest part of planning and carrying out this smash was choosing the flavor for the pie. What flavor do babies like best? Should a baby have peanut butter at age one? What will look best in the images? When I visited their website I immediately began to drool. So many delectable options, I could almost smell them through my screen. After doing a little reading I learned that Scott and Laura Anderson are the owners of the Ft. Worth pie shop and have serving pies there since November 2019. I decided I needed to go into the store and see the pies in person. The Anderson's pie shop is adorable and smells like heaven. After running my eyes over every pie, twice, I decided on Coconut Cream, those gorgeous peaks could not be ignored.

Miss Shelby was the lucky one-year-old lady to join me in this pie smash. She was the calmest, most relaxed baby.

Her smile! So angelic, I could not get over it. I definitely "awwed" out loud when it came across my screen during editing.

Her first bite of Coconut Cream pie. I am not quite sure if this look is one of surprise at the taste or surprise at the funny noises I was making to get her to look at the camera. She was very focused on looking at the sumptuous pie.

My favorite image from Miss Shelby's Pie Smash Session. That huge smile, paired with the sticky fingers and piece of pie on her foot!

I have to admit, I, too, look this focused when eating a delicious dessert.

All of my Cake (or PIE) Smash sessions end with putting baby in the bath! They love splashing around, and it helps start the cleanup process of getting all of the sugar off of them. I have not seen many photographers in the Dallas - Fort Worth area use a pie at a smash session, but I have to say that it was a success. The smile says it all! The next time you need a dessert for something special (or you just want to treat yourself) head over to Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop off of Camp Bowie in Fort Worth and tell Scott and Laura I said hello!

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